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History of


ONE UNIT was founded by five (5) individuals; Boe (Flash Gordon), Carl (C J), Puncho (The Don), Donte (Rocket), and Rodney (Doe) in 2004. As a group, we always rode together. It was preventible that we form a organization that would not only ride but, also be involved with the community. It was difficult to come up with a name, but we sought after a name that unified everybody as one. We then became ONE UNIT. Our motorcycle club colors are Royal Blue and Gold.

ONE UNIT is very dedicated to our community. We are faithfully affiliated in many different charities . We are open to working together with other motorcycle clubs to better our communities an make a impact as “One Unit”.

ONE UNIT is more inclined to sport bikes also referred to as crotch rockets. But, we do not discriminate. All bikes are welcome. We make it a priority to make our members aware of the traffic rules and rider safety precautions. Within the motorcycle community. We want to influence up an coming groups to do your homework 1st... Its much more to it then just putting on a patch. To join our FAMILY, U will work for your colors by“ PROSPECTING”. ONE UNIT BELIEVES THAT COLORS ARE EARNED NOT BOUGHT OR GIVEN. We have no designated riding route; we are an M/C.. We respectfully break state lines and put plenty of miles on our Irons.

We have chapters throughout Texas, one in Oklahoma, Alabama and others that are in the works. OUR MOTHER CHAPTERS birth place is Ft. Worth TX.

Finally, Our overall mission is to "Knowingly Educating Every Person, Investing N GOD Guiding Our Direction, Formulating Individual Relationships Structure Teaching. (K.E.E.P.I.N.G. G.O.D. F.I.R.S.T) We want to let people know that it is not all about the ride, but the fellowship between brothers and sisters of all origins. Uniting together to make a stand out difference in and about our respective communities. One word what would best describe ONE UNIT motorcycle club is UNITED.

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